• Established in 2002
  • Committed to fulfilling requirements
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  • Website localisation service for all sectors and industries

Our website localisation service not only includes the translation of the content itself, which all translation businesses can offer, but also the complicated and time-consuming insertion of xhtml/html coding for various foreign accents and characters. This is usually done by a professional webmaster which greatly increases the overall cost of having ones website translated into another language.

Combining both linguistic and technical skills, our expert team can work directly into your xhtml/html files and this means that you end up with an identical copy of your original web pages in the foreign language(s) you requested. This greatly reduces the total time and financial cost of localising your website since all your webmaster has to do is create links from your original website to the translated version.

Established in 2002, Language Matters Worldwide has developed excellent working practices ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

We are committed to fulfilling your specific document and deadline requirements whatever the scale of your project.

As members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists we are bound by a strict code of professional conduct. Great pride is taken in our commitment to gaining and retaining happy, satisfied clients who have come to depend on the quality of our translation, project management and localisation services.

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