• Ground-Gas contamination advisory services
  • High frequency time-series monitoring using Gasclam technology
  • Accurate risk prediction
  • Cost effective focused management systems and remediation

Ground-Gas Solutions is the UK’s leading specialist consultancy experienced
in continuous ground-gas data capture, analysis, risk assessment and
remedial design. The company’s staff have extensive experience of ground-gas
contamination issues and have worked closely with the University of
Manchester to research and develop new techniques for investigating
ground-gas risks through continuous ground-gas monitoring.

This work has demonstrated that high frequency monitoring overcomes much of the
uncertainty associated with conventional data acquisition, characterised by
poor temporal resolution.round-Gas Solutions uses continuous monitoring techniques to correlate gas
concentrations with other relevant environmental factors such as atmospheric
pressure and ground water level.

Additional analytical tools such as concentration duration curves, borehole recharge profiles and hysteresis
analysis informs the calculation of accurate risk assessments and allows
cost effective remedial measures to be focused where they are needed.